Review of Bic Cristal Stylus.


Another item sent over from Bic and Shoplet is the Cristal Stylus. I was extremely excited for this one, since the Cristal is probably my favorite pen these days. I had seen these for sale in Europe for a while, but getting one sent over to the USA was prohibitively expensive.

I like the design of this pen. A lot. It looks like a Bic (classic) updated to work in a contemporary workflow (digital). Bic did a good job, and I hope this pen becomes widely available. Plus, on the green front, I know a good number of folks who use their styluses seldom enough that they got lost and replaced regularly. Pulling double-duty as a pen, this tool remains useful for an entire work session.


Writing-wise, you get what you expect from a Bic Cristal. It’s not terribly smooth, but it’s less prone to smearing and globbing than the super-smooth ballpoint variety. I like the inherent neatness of the a regular ballpoint pen. While I have only seen these in black, you could possbily switch out the guts of another Cristal. I plan to hack my second into an Easy Glide blue pen.


The stylus works as well as any that I have tried. Admittedly, I have trouble getting a stylus to work better than my finger, but the length of this one is an advantage. On the occasions when I do go after a stylus, I am attempting to get to my phone’s screen from a small distance, to keep whatever is on my hands off of the screen – such as while I am cooking or hiking and have dirty hands. The thin and long form-factor of this pen give the stylus a little more advantage than shorter, wider ones – for my applications at least.

I hope the introduction of this pen, like the very fine Atlantis Exact, heralds that Bic might expand their North American offerings to include some of the more fun stuff they sell in Europe.


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